Customer Message Management with Tim Reisterer

Wednesday, February 09, 2011
The Tower Club - Tysons Corner

Cost: 75.00

Speaker: Tim Riesterer - CMO & SVP of Strategic Consulting & Products for Corporate Visions and Co-Author of Customer Message Management: Increasing Marketing's Impact on Selling.

Wednesday, February 9
7:30 -10:00 am
Tower Club - Tysons Corner
8000 Towers Crescent Drive, Suite 1700
Cost: $75

Do you have a distinct point of view? How do you get customers to care enough to do something different, and then choose you?
Just about every move a company makes is copied by competitors and buyers are stymied by complexity and confusion, which often results in decision by price or just choosing to do nothing. 
Join us as TMA welcomes Tim Riesterer and learn to:
  • Loosen the status quo and convince your prospects they need to do something different and make a decision to choose you.
  • Find your unique point of view that can challenge prospect assumptions and communicate value vs. your competitors.
  • Create messages that matter to your sales people, increasing their confidence and competence to tell a differentiated story with the prospect.
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More about Tim Riesterer:
Tim has 20+ years of experience in sales messaging, including strategic consulting services, executive marketing and sales, advertising and communications. He has in-depth knowledge and application of proven best practices around sales message development and delivery methods.

He developed the Customer Message Management approach for creating more customer-relevant, sales-ready Marketing, Communications and Sales conversations.

He has lead initiatives for world-class companies such as American Express, Manpower, Caterpillar, FedEx, ADP, AmerisourceBergen, HP, Mastercard and others.

Tim's second book, "Conversations that Win the Complex Sale: Using Power Messaging to Create More Opportunities, Differentiate Your Solutions and Close More Deals", will be released this spring.  Tim also writes a monthly blog on Marketing and Sales Messaging, called The Messaging Feed and is a sought after speaker on the issue of Marketing and Sales alignment.

Tim founded Customer Message Management, LLC, where he was CEO. He has also served as CMO and VP of Strategic Services for Ventaso; a marketing and sales effectiveness software company, and was President and CEO of Brady Marketing Group.


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